All about Esqueleto Explosivo 2

All about Esqueleto Explosivo 2

El Dia De Los Muertos is known as the Day of the Dead in Mexico. In order to commemorate this special day, Thunderkick, a Mexican created a game called Esqueleto Explosivo. The first Esqueleto Explosivo was created in 2015, 5 years later, Thundrerkick created the second game. The basic concept does not change. In spite of this, Esqueleto Explosivo 2 has improved a lot.

The remarkable difference on the latest version of the game “Esqueleto Explosivo 2” is that it is still the same.

At first glance, the game environment does not seem to be changing. With more analysis, you will see that the background has changed. The game takes place in a small courtyard in the heart of the streets of Mexico. Mariachis, multicolored light and traditional melody will always be in this new version of esqueleto explosivo.

For this game, it is characterized by 5 X 3 rolls. The latter are specified by embellished skulls, which are placed on top of each other. To win, you will have up to 99 ways to win pennies when you choose the Connecting Pay Ways mode.

How Esqueleto Explosivo 2 works

First of all, this is a Mexican game and the bright colors and the Mexican music are remarkable. You have to know how to play this game so that you can be entertained instead of bored. The rules of the game are simple. In a painting, there is an alignment of several skulls of different colors and multiple symbols. The goal of the game is then to align skulls of the same symbol adjacent to each other. It should be noted that at least 3 skulls must be aligned to win. When you win, the winning symbols will be replaced by new ones.

So as long as there is a win, the succession of symbols continues. It is important to note that you will need to have several wins in order to win. Favour particular symbols like the Explosivo Wild, the Wild Catrina symbols and the Scatter. These are specific because of their potential in the game. So think about getting as many special symbols as possible.

Get an idea about the EXPLOSIVO WILD

The Explosivo Wild is a specific symbol that is indispensable for winning more money. It really has a very great importance on the game. It’s a skull that is easy to recognize because it wears a big yellow bezel like its color. Its particular strength is that it is able to explode everything around it except the Scatter and Catrina’s Wild symbols. In order to get the wild explosivo as much as possible, you have to bet a lot and stay as long as possible on the game.

Don’t forget that when you get three Explosivo Wild, you’ll get a free spin. That said, the lowest multiplier is removed. Instead, you’ll get progressive multipliers. Note that free spins have the opportunity to unlock a particular payout multiplier up to X64. Stay on until the end to take advantage of this extra bonus! Your perseverance will pay off.

In short, esqueleto explosivo 2 is a game full of surprises and requires a lot of effort and thought on the part of the player. Just knowing how to play is not enough, you need to know all the strategies to reap the most wins possible. It is also very important to try to align the symbols. Entertain yourself with an overview of the strategies for winning with this type of slot machine game.



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