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That’s Rich from Play N Go: how Wins Spins work

That's Rich from Play N Go

The new game created by Play’n Go called That’s Rich seduces gamers with an exceptional setting and captivating features. Inspired by the Preppy or Bon chic Bon genre theme, the symbols are characterised by luxury and fashionable items. To understand how the game works, browse through the article.

Features of the That’s Rich game

Taking place on a paradise island, the setting of That’s rich looks like the home of a big star. The symbols include pumps, handbag, magazines, tickets, yacht, trophy and the star. Great care is taken in the design and sound. The gold star trophy symbolises the Scatter and the star represents the Wild.

Indeed, it takes you to a dream world. You stand on a verandah with white silk curtains. Also, the painting offers you the opportunity to enjoy a view of the sea. Again, you have a coconut tree and a beautiful plant on both sides of the picture.

Being classic, the slot machine has 5 reels, 3 rows and 10 paylines. In order to be able to play it, bets can start with 10 cents and go up to 100 euros. It can be used on a PC or a smartphone. Moreover, the features are equally captivating.

How the game works

Play n Go is well known for making great games. Engaging and easy to play. During games, the Wild symbol, represented by the star, can be stretched over the reel and can be used to win several prizes. This is triggered randomly and allows us to see the star change outfits.

When you manage to accumulate 3 Scatter symbols, you will receive 5 Win Spins. So, thanks to these bonuses, free spins will be won automatically. If you manage to make another Scatter appear, you can get 2 more Win Spins.

With free spins, you can multiply your winnings up to 20 times. However, this requires obtaining one or more Wilds. The game can win you up to 10,000 times your starting bet. The payout rate is 96.2%.

Activation of Win Spins and Wild Win Multiplier

In order to get winnings, you need to get a combination of 3 symbols. For the magazine symbol, you have the possibility to win up to 40 times the starting bet if you manage to line it up 5 times.

If you managed to do this with the Wild, you have the chance to get 50 times your bet. The Wild can spread out and cover the entire square. However, before this can happen, the Win Spins bonus must first be activated.

In order to trigger the Win Spins, at least 3 Scatters would have to appear on the game board. This gives you the chance to get 5 Win Spins. The advantage with Win Spins is that they lead to systematic winnings on every round.

Note that Wins Spins can be renewed a maximum of 20 times. If a Scatter is still visible, you get 2 more Win Spins. However, if you have already had 19 Winspins, 1 Scatter is sufficient.

In the game That’s Rich, there is also the Wild Win Multiplier. Note that each Wild always comes with a multiplier. Thus, each time a Wild surfaces, it increases the total by 1. It can be triggered during the last Win Spin. However, the multiplication cannot exceed 20 times.

Pop Rocks from Yggdrasil Gaming: Trigger the Special Bonus

In order to please gaming enthusiasts, especially slot machines, manufacturers are constantly introducing innovations. To accentuate the atmosphere, Poprocks is characterized by a special bonus or the Wild symbol. It allows the player to win more prizes. For more information, read on.

Yggdrasil Gaming’s PopRocks Basics

Yggdrasil has launched the famous Pop Rocks online slot machine with a payout of up to 72,000 times the wager. This is possible if you can achieve cascading wins and access the special bonus. If the name sounds like music, that’s not the theme. In fact, it refers rather to its meaning in French, which is pierre.

The set of the game is filled with rocks and a mansion. The atmosphere is both dark and magical. The sound of the game is also pleasant.

How the game works

There are 11 different types of bets to play with. Small bets can start with 0.10, 0, 20 or 0.50 euros. The maximum bet is 10 euros.

Concerning the symbols, we find the most classic ones scattered all over the machine. These are the famous A, K, Q, J and 10. Their values are quite minimal.

As for the intermediate symbols, we can mention the 4 small gemstones of different colors. The gains are beginning to be important with these stones, especially with ruby.

Then we have the high value symbols. These are the stones that have a higher value. At the end, we have a huge gem surrounded by a blue flame. This is the symbol that ensures the most payment.

Activating bonuses

When you get a winning combination, the PopWin is activated. This allows you to replace the winning symbols with new ones. Thus, the value ranges from 3 lines to 4. This continues to increase the symbols and lines with each winning combination. However, the lines stop at 7.

The more symbols you get, the more likely you are to win more. If you win three times in a row, wilds will be added to the reel. Also, when you reach 7 Pops, you will access the Multiplier feature. There is no limit on multiplications.

Unlock the special bonus

Basically, 3 symbols are available per roll. However, this can increase throughout the game when you get winning combinations. At the maximum, Megaways allow you to reach 16,807 lines. But since the payouts also operate from right to left, this can go up to 33,614 paylines if all reels include 7 symbols.

To unlock the special bonus, you would have to reach the maximum, i.e. the 7 symbols on the reel. This applies to the Wild symbol. It comes into the game as it pleases and can replace any symbol. In addition, the series of 7 symbols burst will allow a multiplication of 2.

Specificities of the Pop Rocks game

The Pop Rocks game has undergone a great evolution compared to other slots. In order to reach the special bonus or wild symbol, some effort is required. Indeed, you have to ensure the cascade of winnings. You have to expect the reels to increase again and again in order to get paid more.

Moreover, with this game, the payout rate is 96.8%. This is quite a significant value compared to other games on the market. Moreover, it can be played on PC or smartphone. Its interface is adapted to any type of screen.

All about Esqueleto Explosivo 2

El Dia De Los Muertos is known as the Day of the Dead in Mexico. In order to commemorate this special day, Thunderkick, a Mexican created a game called Esqueleto Explosivo. The first Esqueleto Explosivo was created in 2015, 5 years later, Thundrerkick created the second game. The basic concept does not change. In spite of this, Esqueleto Explosivo 2 has improved a lot.

The remarkable difference on the latest version of the game “Esqueleto Explosivo 2” is that it is still the same.

At first glance, the game environment does not seem to be changing. With more analysis, you will see that the background has changed. The game takes place in a small courtyard in the heart of the streets of Mexico. Mariachis, multicolored light and traditional melody will always be in this new version of esqueleto explosivo.

For this game, it is characterized by 5 X 3 rolls. The latter are specified by embellished skulls, which are placed on top of each other. To win, you will have up to 99 ways to win pennies when you choose the Connecting Pay Ways mode.

How Esqueleto Explosivo 2 works

First of all, this is a Mexican game and the bright colors and the Mexican music are remarkable. You have to know how to play this game so that you can be entertained instead of bored. The rules of the game are simple. In a painting, there is an alignment of several skulls of different colors and multiple symbols. The goal of the game is then to align skulls of the same symbol adjacent to each other. It should be noted that at least 3 skulls must be aligned to win. When you win, the winning symbols will be replaced by new ones.

So as long as there is a win, the succession of symbols continues. It is important to note that you will need to have several wins in order to win. Favour particular symbols like the Explosivo Wild, the Wild Catrina symbols and the Scatter. These are specific because of their potential in the game. So think about getting as many special symbols as possible.

Get an idea about the EXPLOSIVO WILD

The Explosivo Wild is a specific symbol that is indispensable for winning more money. It really has a very great importance on the game. It’s a skull that is easy to recognize because it wears a big yellow bezel like its color. Its particular strength is that it is able to explode everything around it except the Scatter and Catrina’s Wild symbols. In order to get the wild explosivo as much as possible, you have to bet a lot and stay as long as possible on the game.

Don’t forget that when you get three Explosivo Wild, you’ll get a free spin. That said, the lowest multiplier is removed. Instead, you’ll get progressive multipliers. Note that free spins have the opportunity to unlock a particular payout multiplier up to X64. Stay on until the end to take advantage of this extra bonus! Your perseverance will pay off.

In short, esqueleto explosivo 2 is a game full of surprises and requires a lot of effort and thought on the part of the player. Just knowing how to play is not enough, you need to know all the strategies to reap the most wins possible. It is also very important to try to align the symbols. Entertain yourself with an overview of the strategies for winning with this type of slot machine game.

Earn money differently with Play N’ Go’s That’s Rich

The new That’s Rich slot machine from online game developer Play’N Go offers the privilege of direct access into the lives of the wealthy and famous. Released in April 2020, it’s available with all the features that can make the online gaming world get bang for a buck. The privacy of a millionaire remains topical, especially for publishers of online slot games like Play’N Go. To stand out from the crowd, he expressly chose a woman as the main character in his game.

Overview of Play N’ Go’s That’s Rich

Launched last April, the theme of Play’N Go’s new online game is mainly focused on the privacy of the rich. As its name suggests, That’s Rich allows a player to immerse himself in an atmosphere of luxury living: futuristic villa design, bling-bling car, carefree life, private jet travel around the world and more. The best thing about this online slot machine is that you can bet with real money in an attempt to win up to €1 million in prize money. Note that the minimum bet to play That’s Rich is 10 cents. This amount can be enough to become a true millionaire while leading a smooth and easy lifestyle.

All you have to do is launch the 5-reel slot machine and claim your winnings on all 10 paylines. In order to multiply his rewards, the use of Bonuses is recommended. There are plenty of them if we only talk about Expanding, Wins Spins, Wilds and many others. Betting Multipliers are also an excellent alternative for increasing your winnings. For your information, the Payout Ratio (RTP) of this online slot machine is up to 96.27%. This element allows for a succession of wins because its volatility is very high.

The interest of using bonuses during the game

The bonuses offered on Play’N Go’s That’s Rich can make a big difference in her life. Indeed, they make it possible to become rich in a single blow. If you want to be a real star one day, the first thing you need to do is collect as many bonuses as you can from this slot machine to make your most unimaginable wishes come true. But how does it work?

The Wilds, the Most Reliable Bonuses

As one of his faithful allies, the Wilds make it easy to achieve his goal. Each Wild is capable of replacing all symbols except the Scatter. But the most important thing about using the Wilds is their ability to spread over an entire reel to boost your chances of winning.

Activating the 5 Wins Spins feature

To trigger the 5 Wins Spins function, it is imperative to have at least 3 Scatters. By opting for this approach, you will have more possibilities to win all the spins. On top of that, Play’N Go’s That’s Rich allows you to win more free spins with another Scatter. The latter allows you to have 20 winning spins at your disposal.

How the free spins work

During the free spins, all Wilds wrap an entire roll. They take advantage of a progressive multiplier that starts at x1 and can go up to x20. With this technique, the earning potential will be more than relevant and offers the possibility of cashing out 10,000 times the initial bet.

All in all, Play’N Go’s That’s Rich Slot Machine is the slot machine to adopt if you’re used to big payouts. Its features are almost endless and rewarding. This feature allows players to accumulate decent winnings.