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Pop Rocks from Yggdrasil Gaming

Pop Rocks from Yggdrasil Gaming

Each time new bonus options are added to the casino gaming software, this ensures an even more original and exciting game. PopWins games come with a new series of high value slot machines. It is called Pop Rocks. For a better understanding of the game, browse through the article.

Pop Rocks Slot Machine Overview

Yggdrasil has made available to gambling enthusiasts the Pop Rocks slot machine, which offers the possibility of winning up to 72,000 times the bet. Of course, when thinking of the name pop rocks, we are referring to loud music. However, we should take the word rock in its French meaning, which is pierre.

The setting of the game is characterised by the presence of rocks and a manor house. The environment is quite dark but reflects a world of magic. This manifests itself through the symbols that float in the air and do not seem to be fixed on a roller. As for the sound, it relates well to the mystical and dark atmosphere. It is quite pleasant to listen to.

One of the great assets of this game is its redistribution rate, which is 96.8%. This is quite high compared to other slot machines available on the market. As for the volatility, it is average.

The symbols of the game

There are 11 betting levels. Bets can range from 0.10 euros to 10 euros. For the different symbols, there are the famous A, K, Q, J and 10, which are not very valuable.

For the intermediate symbols, there are 3 small gemstones of different colours. With the ruby, it is possible to obtain rather important gains.

Afterwards, the figures of high value are the most interesting. They are larger compared to the other stones. On the screen they are surrounded by various mysterious creatures.

The most valuable symbol of the game is the large gem surrounded by a flame. If this symbol appears 5 times, it guarantees a hundred-fold increase in your bet at least. However, it can earn you even more. Please note that high value symbols and the blue flame stone do not appear in a basic roll. They are only present if rocks are popping and are winning combinations.

How the game works

Poprocks has 5 x 3 rolls and 486 different ways to win. However, this game can spread its interface and can go up to 33614 ways to win at the maximum thanks to a new feature called Popwins. In order to win, you would have to identify at least 3 identical symbols in a row.

Each time you win, the winning symbols burst and two new symbols arrive instead. This leads to an increase in the size of the interface and produces chain reactions.

High value symbols

The reels rise up to 7 symbols in height and the payout multiplier increases by 1 for every 7 symbols that explode. The count resets to 0 when there are no more successive wins. High value symbols can make you win 4 to 8 times the bet you deposited.

The most valuable symbol appears only if winning symbols explode. This allows you to win up to 100 times your bet.

If you manage to use the machine to its maximum and reach all 7 symbols on all reels, you have the option to unlock a special bonus or the Wild symbol. This will increase your multiplier by 2.

Pop Rocks from Yggdrasil Gaming: Trigger the Special Bonus

In order to please gaming enthusiasts, especially slot machines, manufacturers are constantly introducing innovations. To accentuate the atmosphere, Poprocks is characterized by a special bonus or the Wild symbol. It allows the player to win more prizes. For more information, read on.

Yggdrasil Gaming’s PopRocks Basics

Yggdrasil has launched the famous Pop Rocks online slot machine with a payout of up to 72,000 times the wager. This is possible if you can achieve cascading wins and access the special bonus. If the name sounds like music, that’s not the theme. In fact, it refers rather to its meaning in French, which is pierre.

The set of the game is filled with rocks and a mansion. The atmosphere is both dark and magical. The sound of the game is also pleasant.

How the game works

There are 11 different types of bets to play with. Small bets can start with 0.10, 0, 20 or 0.50 euros. The maximum bet is 10 euros.

Concerning the symbols, we find the most classic ones scattered all over the machine. These are the famous A, K, Q, J and 10. Their values are quite minimal.

As for the intermediate symbols, we can mention the 4 small gemstones of different colors. The gains are beginning to be important with these stones, especially with ruby.

Then we have the high value symbols. These are the stones that have a higher value. At the end, we have a huge gem surrounded by a blue flame. This is the symbol that ensures the most payment.

Activating bonuses

When you get a winning combination, the PopWin is activated. This allows you to replace the winning symbols with new ones. Thus, the value ranges from 3 lines to 4. This continues to increase the symbols and lines with each winning combination. However, the lines stop at 7.

The more symbols you get, the more likely you are to win more. If you win three times in a row, wilds will be added to the reel. Also, when you reach 7 Pops, you will access the Multiplier feature. There is no limit on multiplications.

Unlock the special bonus

Basically, 3 symbols are available per roll. However, this can increase throughout the game when you get winning combinations. At the maximum, Megaways allow you to reach 16,807 lines. But since the payouts also operate from right to left, this can go up to 33,614 paylines if all reels include 7 symbols.

To unlock the special bonus, you would have to reach the maximum, i.e. the 7 symbols on the reel. This applies to the Wild symbol. It comes into the game as it pleases and can replace any symbol. In addition, the series of 7 symbols burst will allow a multiplication of 2.

Specificities of the Pop Rocks game

The Pop Rocks game has undergone a great evolution compared to other slots. In order to reach the special bonus or wild symbol, some effort is required. Indeed, you have to ensure the cascade of winnings. You have to expect the reels to increase again and again in order to get paid more.

Moreover, with this game, the payout rate is 96.8%. This is quite a significant value compared to other games on the market. Moreover, it can be played on PC or smartphone. Its interface is adapted to any type of screen.