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Nero’s Fortune Slot Machine Information

Nero’s Fortune is a game launched in April 2020 in online casinos by Quickspin.  It is distinguished by Ancient Rome. This slots game tells the story of an ancient emperor of Rome. He was known as Nero. He was a tough guy who ruled Rome with an iron hand. This dark period was therefore transformed into an entertaining game. The empire is revealed through a painting embedded in a wall with two pillars. Check out the lines below for a chance to play Nero’s Fortune well.

Quickspin’s Nero’s Fortune

For its slot, Quickspin decided to go for the design. The game set is based on the time of ancient Rome. Unlike other slots with bright colors, Nero’s has a dark theme. The golden painting of the game is inlaid in a dark scarlet sky reminiscent of Roman times with different elements. These include marble pillars and statues and ancient buildings in the background.

The painting has a 5×5 scroll structure. It is a Cluster Pay formation. The game has tumbling reels as well as multipliers and free spins.   Various bonuses are also built in, such as Scatters, “Flames of Nero” jokers and “Burning Arrows”.

The game developer Quickspin has not only ensured an aesthetic design to the game but also a high reward system. In fact, in just one spin the game can win up to 8,168 times the paid wager.  The game also has a high volatility rate of 96.21%. In addition, you have the choice to bet between 20 cents to 100 euros per spin.

Multiplier and bonus symbols on Nero’s Fortune

Nero’s Fortune is a slot machine with a winning stunt system. Symbols include Royals, red gems, wolves, eagles and other animal statues. In order to win, you would need to display at least 5 symbols of the same type side by side.  This type of winning cluster can occur within a line or a group. It also allows you to win up to 75 times the bet by combining 12 or more gems.  The cascade system allows to multiply the winnings and bonuses in the game. The tumbling rollers are started with the formation of a winning cluster. More symbols follow the cluster and so on until there is more winning combination.

Thanks to the multipliers, you will have the chance to win up to 150 times the first bet. This action is obtained with 12 red rubies. The sequence of winnings is obtained afterwards with the cascade system. During the Burning Arrows feature, the latter is really attractive. Indeed, behind the symbols are engraved multipliers. These will then be used to form winning combinations. This helps you to get more wins.

Another way to get multipliers is to use the Flames of Nero Bonus feature. As a result, when the 3, 4 and 5 Scatters symbols are lined up, you will win between 10 and 14 free spins. The spins cause the camera to lower itself to the base of the board and make it look royal. Then the multipliers increase and pile up until the free spins run out.

In short, if you have a passion for slots play, enjoy Nero’s Fortune once in your life. It’s from the online casino Quickspin. So think about entering this site to start playing this type of entertainment.

How to win many bonuses with Bronco Spirit from Pragmatic Play ?

Bronco Spirit from Pragmatic Play

Pragmatic Play offers its Bronco Spirit slot machine to online casino fans. With a Native American theme, the game has two main features: Progressive Jackpots and Free Spins. It allows you to win up to 2,000 times your initial bet. The initial bet can range from €0.25 to €125. To start the game, you need to spin the reels from your Smartphone or desktop computer.

Tips to get the most bonuses with Bronco Spirit

Pragmatic Play’s slot machine, Bronco Spirit, is based on a payout ratio (RTP) of 96.51%. This allows players to be entitled to 2000 times their wager in case of a good combination. The most rewarding symbol remains the bronco, which pays 10 times the bet for a combination of 5 symbols. The same goes for the Wild, which also pays the players 10 times its bet for a combination of 5.

In order to get the most bonuses, it is imperative to play in sets of 10. With this method, it will be possible to collect gold coins. The Wild appears on the tenth spin. A series of bets ranging from €0.25 to €125 per turn is offered in order to make the reels spin. In this respect, the designer of Bronco Spirit presents two features in this game: Progressive and Free Spins.

The features of Bonco Spirit in Pragmatic Play

Generally speaking, lovers of wild horses in a beautiful landscape will find their happiness through this game developed by Pragmatic Play, called Bronco Spirit. It provides players with 75 paylines on a 5×4 reel game, with a progressive multiplier and bonus rounds of free spins. It is the ideal combination of a visual celebration and the best way to cash in real money winnings while escaping to an unsuspected location. But how to understand the symbols and bonus features of Bronco Spirit?

Here are a few pointers to help players better understand the main features of the game. To begin with, it should be noted that winning combinations are made possible by special themed symbols. The colours remain vivid and the reels of the slot machine rotate gradually. The game includes a variety of symbols and profitable functions. The latter include a special horse coin counter, wild bonus symbols and free spins to ensure maximum winnings.

The progressive function, a unique feature for Bronco Spirit players

This functionality is one of the main assets of Bronco Spirit. It is carried out in the simplest possible way. In principle, the game is played in a series of 10 rounds that can be purchased at the same time. The numbers of the rounds start at the countdown and increase from 1 to 10, before starting again at 1. During this game from 1 to 10, all the horse piece symbols are shown in a given cycle and will instantly be added to a special counter that appears on the screen.

Bronco Spirit offers players the possibility to collect up to 20 of these special horse coin symbols. The real fun happens once the 10th turn has taken place in a given cycle because it is at this very moment that all the coins are revealed. This time, they come in the form of wild symbols placed in a completely random manner. One can only imagine all the winnings with all these Wild symbols scrolling by.